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About Naz Kutub:

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Naz Kutub is a half-Indian, half-Malay immigrant from Singapore. His debut novel, The Loophole, was inspired by his personal experiences growing up as a gay Muslim, and as someone raised on a calorie-dense diet of Eastern lore.

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Compulsively readable, No Time Like Now creates within it a beautiful microcosm of a universe, one in which you can see both the vastness and the tininess of the memories and the love that make up who we are. Even as it breaks your heart, this book heals your heart anew, somehow with more love and more hope than when you began. You travel with Hazeem to the depths of loneliness and back again, reminding us of the overwhelming power of family, friends, and community, and a reminder that you–yes, you!–are going to be okay.

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