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Natalie and Naughtily Nopps live in a house on top of a big department store. Natalie loves visiting every floor from top to bottom! Naughtily? From bottom to top! One day the girls receive a note from their parents asking them NOT to play in the store that day!

“Today we shall go to the store to help!” they agree.

Evening gowns are on two, perfume and hats on three, coats on four . . . and on every floor there are customers galore. But will the girls really be any help? Vincent X. Kirsch has created a splendid world for Natalie and Naughtily, in which every vividly detailed floor in the store has its own magnificent hue. Readers will be enchanted by these two impish sisters, their very good intentions, and most of all by the hijinks and adventures they effortlessly conjure up in one very busy day!

About the Author

Vincent X. Kirsch has been creating funny little characters for fifteen years, but Natalie and Naughtily are the first ones to have their own book. An illustrator, designer, toymaker, and writer, Mr. Kirsch once worked as a store and window designer at Bergdorf Goodman, a famous department store in New York City. One of the families who owned the store lived in a house on the top floor. That house, the inspiration for Natalie and Naughtily is now a hair salon.

Praise For…

"Wonderful! I adore it! It's incredibly, beautifully drawn and so clever and so classic and modern at the same time." --Isaac Mizrahi

Product Details
ISBN: 9781599902692
ISBN-10: 1599902699
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication Date: September 16th, 2008
Pages: 32
Language: English

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