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Diary Of A Minecraft Teenage Spy 4: Book 4: 'Journey To The End' (Hardcover)

Diary Of A Minecraft Teenage Spy 4: Book 4: 'Journey To The End' Cover Image
By Sammy Spy, Diego Báez (Illustrator), Bex Sutton (Illustrator)
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My name is Sammy and I am a teenage spy. I also live in Overworld, one of the Minecraft realms.

We are facing a threat from our biggest enemy yet. Somehow, we have found ourselves in a war between kin. Enderman against Enderman against Enderdragon. Somehow, we got involved, and it is up to us to end it.

Along with my friends, my dragon, and my cat, I'm about 85% sure that we will be able to do this. The other 15% is split in two: 5% doubt, and 10% nervous sneezes.

We have to travel to The End to get back my uncle, but first we have to make our way there. To do this, we need to enter the Netherworld to find the right tools.

I hope that we are not too late to save my uncle and Nocte's fire farts don't get us into trouble... Knock on wood

Product Details
ISBN: 9781636492094
ISBN-10: 1636492096
Publisher: Caroline Treanor International Books
Publication Date: September 24th, 2020
Pages: 116
Language: English

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