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The Hidden Ship (Paperback)


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Brian Polk had been stateside for barely a year after leaving the Air Force when the unthinkable happened. It was lucky he left the service when he did, otherwise, he'd be dead right now-military installations worldwide had been the first targets hit. It was an interstellar invasion-the beginning of the end of known civilization. First, the military installations and the largest cities across the globe were turned to rubble. Tens of millions were lost during that horrific reign of terror. Government centers and law enforcement resources were next. Finally, the aliens eliminated humanity's means to electronically communicate with each other. The Earupitan's technology and weaponry was so remarkable, so advanced, humanity never had a chance. The aliens now walk brazenly among humans-their reptilian eyes always watchful, always scrutinizing. No one is safe, and almost everyone who gets taken never sees the light of day again. Humanity now lives in fear-freedom is a thing of the past. And then there are those who have befriended the enemy . . . But not Captain Brian Polk. He's far more interested in taking back a little of what was stolen. When he acquires some of the alien technology, he finally has hope of making some small difference. He might even be able to pull off the impossible-that or die trying.


The perfect read for my travels
I had hours of flights and layovers and The Hidden Ship kept me highly entertained during my travels. The characters are great and the tension never lets up. This was similar to the Scrapyard series Mark wrote, which I also loved. I highly recommend this scifi action adventure book. if you enjoy a fun sci-fi space opera, you'll love this one.- Stuart Church

Good, solid science fiction adventure
First, this is a complete sci-fi space adventure story in one book. So satisfying. I would not have bought it if it was part of a series. This is not just another humans vs. aliens tale. There are twists that make it stand out from the common. Unfortunately, I can't be more specific without spoiling your discoveries as you read. I was always entertained. There's never a slow spot. If the author has any more standalone novels, I'll buy them.- Henry Kline

Good classic science fiction like the masters
Science fiction, adventure, action, fun scifi, a hero, villains, more action, sex, betrayal, good guys, underdogs, arrogant alien buttheads all present and accounted for - Amazon Customer

Wild, action-packed science fiction adventure
In the beginning, it was a bit implausible, kind of a cross between an EMP disaster theme and BSG New Caprica, then it began to morph into a version of Independence Day. However, the author kept the story moving, the dialogue was believable and crisp, the action scenes were a bit over the top - but aren't they all in these days of CGI?. I haven't read his books before although I've had the Junkyard Ship series in my reading list for a while, this was a good test of how well I would like his writing style and I can clearly say he passed with flying colors For the grammar police, no obvious errors or context issues, the words flowed smoothly and he kept the story moving along. It reads as a stand-alone book but there are possibilities for future expansion.- Ann Engel

Got better and better...
Love Mark Wayne McGinnis- his writing is the best in the fun sci-fi world. Period. Always a good story and plot but it's most often the wonderful way he portrays his characters that I love most. They always are genuine, good and evil. You hate the bad guys more and more just as you really root for the good guys. This was a fun, more local to Earth, than space tale of heroism and friendships across species that was a kick in the pants adventure that seemed to get better and better as the story progressed. Thanks for a great time. Highly recommended.- Belleraphon.
Product Details ISBN: 9781733514330
ISBN-10: 1733514333
Publisher: Avenstar Productions
Publication Date: March 13th, 2019
Pages: 354
Language: English