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When You Found Me: The Princes of Allura Novella Collection (Paperback)

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The Princes of Allura were not looking for love, yet they may find it in the strangest of places.

Better His Way:

Nicholas is battling a past that is haunting him at every turn. When his father announces a contest to find brides for his three sons, Nicholas alone is intrigued. Then he meets Della, a feisty young woman who has a heart for those around her.

Della has no desire to win a prince. She wants to remain in Findley and run her father's shop. But Prince Nicholas is causing all her well-placed plans to crumble. When her maid comes to her with an even bigger dilemma, Della must decide if she is willing to trust God and His plans for her life.

Through His Eyes:

Collins has been banished to Ableton, a small town miles away from his home in Findley. Broken by the mistakes he's made, but trying to hold himself together, he pushes away his failures, determined to redeem the future. But the past has a way of haunting.

Sage wants nothing to do with the arrogant, infuriating Sir Collins. Yet, the more she learns about him, the stronger her bond with the hidden prince becomes. When danger comes knocking, and Sage has to take matters into her own hands, her loyalty is put to the ultimate test.

Then There Was Grace:

The price of the war with Ironwolf has grown high, and Benjamin is not pleased with this father's plan to bring peace. Marriage to the Princess of Ironwolf is the last thing he wants, especially when he sees the happiness his brothers have found.

Aurora is terrified of her arranged marriage to the Crown Prince of Allura, but she's determined to see it through in order to bring peace for her people. When she meets the quiet, stoic Benjamin, she begins to wonder if love might not be so out of reach as she once thought.

With a twist on Biblical narratives, When You Found Me is a collection of light, uplifting romances for fairytale lovers everywhere

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736539101
ISBN-10: 1736539108
Publisher: Anna Augustine
Publication Date: March 30th, 2021
Pages: 404
Language: English

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