Jung: His Life and Work, a Biographical Memoir (Paperback)

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Jung: His Life and Work, a Biographical Memoir (Paperback)


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This biography, a full-scale study of Jung's life and work by a pupil, friend, and close associate for more than thirty years, is a lucid, penetrating account of Jung's career that stresses the essential wholeness of the man and traces the difficult path by which that wholeness was achieved. From his earliest years to his death, through the crowded inner and outer events of his long lifetime, this study presents a view of the real Jung rather than the creature of legend. Treating side by side his theoretical apparatus and such personal matters as his relationship with Toni Wolff and his supposed flirtation with Nazism, it reveals, more than any other work to date, Jung's humanity and his genius as a "navigator of the unconscious."

"Hannah's book is a warm, very personal biographical memoir: She provides much information about Jung's early life, and her interweaving of events in his life with the development of Jung's theory is well done....The book fills in many gaps left by Jung's autobiography, Memories, Dreams , Reflections ( 1 963). Hannah tells a good story; the book is well written and presents a good overview of Jung's life and work. It would be a good introduction to Jung's life for undergraduates: ' -Choice

"... of particular significance is the way in which the author draws on her personal knowledge to elucidate certain controversial issues and myths. . . . she records all she knows about them, providing hitherto unpublished information of note ... her comments provide an authentic source for future biographers. Anyone interested in Jung's life- from his early childhood to his last days, will find this honest, warm, and human book highly enriching and stimulating." -Library Journal

"... fascinating full-scale study of Jung's creative life and striving toward psychological wholeness. A sympathetic yet perceptive book which shows how Jungian psychology flowed from Jung the person' -Publishers Weekly

" Hannah] draws on her journals, recollections of conversations with Jung, and her sharing in the life of his professional household for many years ... and is full of the kind of detail that can be important in understanding so individual a figure. Her clear explanatory narrative can serve as an introduction to Jung, and her sturdy account will also draw aficionados." -Kirkus

"... Hannah's memoir, like Jung's work: is a biography lover's dream." -Best Sellers

"...Hannah's book is a valuable contribution and provides a good overview of his work." -Chicago Tribune

"Author Hannah takes one systematically and enjoyably through Jung's life" -Houston Chronical

Barbara Hannah (1891-1986) was born in England. She went to Z rich in 1929 to study with Carl Jung and lived in Switzerland the rest of her life. A close associate of Jung until his death, she was a practicing psychotherapist and lecturer at the C.G. Jung Institute. Her books available from Chiron include The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals; Encounters with the Soul; Jung, His Life and Work: A Biographical Memoir; and Striving Toward Wholeness.

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