The Familiars (Hardcover)

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The Familiars (Hardcover)



Autumn 2010 Kids' Next List

“Aldwyn the clever alley cat, Skylar, the skeptical blue jay, and Gilbert, the insecure tree frog are drawn together when they must save their Loyals from a corrupt Queen. In this spellbinding romp each proves their worth and finds their own magic. Perhaps the Familiars are destined to lead? In their debut novel Adam and Andrew have touches of the animal quest of Incredible Journey combined with the magic of Harry Potter and the animal charm of Charlotte's Web. This reader will be waiting impatiently for the rest of the promised trilogy.-- Shirley Mullin, Kids Ink, Children's Bookstore, Indianapolis, IN”
— Shirley Mullin, Kids Ink, Indianapolis, IN

Product Details ISBN: 9784152091703
Publisher: Hayakawa Publishing/Tsai Fong Books
Publication Date: November 1st, 2010
Pages: 317