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Wet Dog (Graduation Card)

A painting of a dog and tennis balls shaking water off with the text "Every day is lovely when you are doing what you love. - Unknown" underneath

Message Inside: 
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Happy Graduation!
Price: $5.00

Son Graduate (Graduation Card)

Oakleaf background with the text "Son how wonderful to see you at the end of an AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT and the beginning of a wodnerful future" in gold with a diploma underneath

Message Inside: 
You bring so much PRIDE and JOY with all you do CONGRATULATIONS to and extraoridnary SON
Price: $6.95


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A rich, deeply memorable debut from Aussie Charlotte McConaghy, Migrations tells multiple stories of a young woman, the Arctic Tern species and the slowly changed world without birds, fish and most other animals. Weaving in and out of Franny’s life is her complicated past life, her unorthodox marriage to ornithologist Niall and her constant self-doubt possibly bordering on madness. Set in Ireland, the Arctic and in the grand oceans of the world, the soothing calm, the violent storms and the vastness of the earth’s water ways also act as characters in this unforgettable, lyrical and beautifully crafted story. Be ready to stay with the book’s characters well beyond the final sentence. Stunning!