Consignment Program

2023 update: Not accepting ANY proposals

Thank you for considering Once Upon a Time Bookstore as a purchasing venue for your book. There are many new ways to get books out into the world and Once Upon A Time is interested in promoting outstanding local authors and illustrators.  Due to our limited space and reputation as America's Oldest Children's Bookstore, we must evaluate and select what we feel would best benefit our community of readers, therefore we require a formal proposal for consideration. *We do not accept walk-in pitches/proposals* When our doors are open we’re focused on helping customers, pricing and shelving books, and other day to day activities which keep the doors open.

Almost all the books that we carry are available through our normal ordering channels, such as a Big 5 Publisher or wholesaler like Ingram.  However, for books that are self-published, independently published, published through a print-on-demand service, or otherwise not available at the standard trade discount (40% returnable) we have developed a Consignment Program. 


Consignment Program

  • Store placement in a section we deem appropriate
  • Book added to our website inventory
  • Local author feature in our email newsletter (7,000+ subscribers)
  • Book sales report to the New York Times, Nielson BookScan, and
  • Please note, acceptance in the Consignment Program does not guarantee an event at our store.  Please see our separate Book Event Proposal.


Consignment Proposals

There are many factors that influence whether or not we will consider carrying a title.  This includes subject, retail price, our judgment of the writing, art, and editing, and an author’s marketing plan.  In addition, production quality must be equal to industry standard.  


Please provide the following:

  • Complete contact information, including name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.
  • A copy of your finished book.  If you would like the book returned, you must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • One-paragraph book summary and/or press release that includes:
    • Title
    • ISBN-13
    • Retail price
    • Subject
    • Binding
    • Website with info about your book (not Am*zon or Barnes & Noble, please)
  • Your planned outreach efforts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail list, etc.)


Drop off or send proposal package materials, as listed above, to:

Once Upon a Time Bookstore
Consignment Program
2207 Honolulu Ave.
Montrose, CA 91020

or email to  We will email you a confirmation of receipt.

Information that is sent and is not complete as required above will not be considered.

We will review your proposal and contact you within 30 days. Once Upon a Time reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal and all decisions are final.  If your proposal is accepted, your will receive a Consignment Agreement, summarized below. 


Consignment Agreement

  1. Mandatory non-refundable, stocking fee of $75 will be due within 7 days along with a signed Consignment Contract provided at time of acceptance.
  2. Terms are 50% to author, 50% to Once Upon A Time.
  3. Books are carried for 90 days.  After that time, an evaluation of the books sales will determine if we will continue to stock the book or return it.
    1. When we are ready to return your book, we will contact you to pick up your unsold copies.  We will not be responsible for the return of shelf copies if they are not picked up within 15 days of notification.  We do not ship unsold shelf copies. If the books are not picked up within that time frame, the books become the property of Once Upon A Time and will be processed at our discretion.
  4. Payments will be made by check from Once Upon A Time at the end of every calendar quarter.  If no payment is due, we will send a note to that effect. 


Suggestions for a successful consignment

  • Read more about Best Practices for Authors Who Want Their Book in Bookstores from the Huffington Post
  • Encourage your readers, family, and friends to purchase your book in-store or through our website.
  • Send out press releases, review copies, and other promotional material to generate continued interest
  • Get involved with community book clubs, libraries, and other community organizations
  • If you have a website or social media page:
  • Greater success comes from a dedicated promotional program from the author