Book Birthday for Now I'm A Bird by Sue Ganz-Schmitt with the Vermont College of Fine Arts

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 5:00pm
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Be Proud, Be Unique!

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The Vermont College of Fine Arts is hosting virtual Book Birthday Parties for alumni of their MFA program and local author Sue Ganz-Schmitt is excited to participate. The Zoom celebrations start at 5 pm Pacific/ 8 pm Eastern and you can register here. If you would like a signed book, please order below. 

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About Now I'm a Bird: Julianna didn't mean to be a bird. It just happened, feather by feather. "It's a rare and beautiful condition," explains the note her mom sends to school, though it doesn't help with the teasing. But Julianna's wings take her to places she hadn't imagined, with a birds-eye view that gives her a new perspective and the courage to find a flock of her own. Told with kid-friendly humor and heart, this is a unique story about embracing the wild and wonderful parts of ourselves and others..

Sue Ganz-Schmitt author photo provided by author

About Sue Ganz-Schmitt: Sue Ganz-Schmitt is a children's book author, mother, musical theater producer, and philanthropist. She holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Sue has performed on Broadway, ran a marathon, and loves pursuing improbable challenges. Sue keeps her eyes to the skies from a mountaintop home in California.

Full information about the event can be found on the Vermont College of Fine Arts website here:

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