School Visit with Benson Shum

Benson Shum school visit Thurs. 3/30 for Anzu the Great Kaiju and Anzu the Great Listener

Private Event - Non-school books can be ordered from Benson Shum's author page here.

Author-illustrator Benson Shum will be visiting schools with Once Upon A Time. If you would like a book signed and personalized, please order by Monday, March 27th. Books will be delivered to the school and are not available to be shipped. 

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About Anzu the Great Listener

Anzu the Great Listener book cover. Anzu a bright yellow kaiju kneels with his hand reaching out to small creatures on the ground with a bonsai tree in the background. Above him is a blue sky and a white box with the title.

Anzu the kaiju loves to tend to his bonsai.
Whenever he feels overwhelmed or unsettled, it helps him pause and reminds him to just . . . breathe.
One day, when Anzu hears crying in the distance, he's eager to help! The flower-power that makes his bonsai bloom has a way of making others smile.
But when Anzu's flowers seem to lose their power, hurting more than they help, he's not sure where to turn--until he remembers some valuable lessons he learned from his bonsai tree.
In Anzu the Great Listener, creator and Walt Disney Studios animator Benson Shum illustrates the importance of patience, empathy, and above all, taking the time to listen.

Orders placed after Monday, March 27th are not guaranteed to be personalized and may just be a signature only depending on availability. 

Please note - there is NO GIFT WRAPPING available for any school orders.

Thursday, March 30, 2023 - 8:00am
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School Visit
Private Event
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