School Visit with Elisa Parhad and Larissa Theule

Elisa Parhad and Larissa Theule School Visit on 1/20 for Pool Party and Concrete.

Private Event - Non-school books can be ordered from the author's personal pages for Elisa Parhad and Larissa Theule

Authors Elisa Parhad and Larissa Theule will be visiting Sierra Madre Elementary for Literacy Week. If you would like a book signed and personalized, please order by Sunday, January 22nd.  Books will be delivered to the school after the event and are not available to be shipped. 

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About Pool Party

Pool Party book cover. Kids and inflatable pool toys float in a blue pool with white swirls. The title is in pastel block lettering on the top pool.

A splashy story celebrating a fun-filled day at a public pool 

Splash, dash! It's time for a pool bash! Grab your swimsuits, inner tubes, noodles, and floats, and jump, belly flop, or dive into this wet and wild ode to swimming pool fun.

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About Concrete

Concrete book cover. The LA skyline takes up the whole front cover and is rendered in greys and whites with spots of green.

A stylish, eye-opening, utterly engaging, and often wry look at one of the marvels of the material world, from the ground up. 

From a lowly mixture of stone, sand, water, and cement have sprung sidewalks, streets, and skyscrapers, sturdy lighthouses and magnificent palaces, long bridges and massive dams. In ancient building practices, in modern engineering, and in the architecture of the future, humble concrete plays a mighty role in the creation of the human-made world. Brimming with facts and spiced with clever running narrative in the form of repartee-filled speech bubbles, Concrete is as intimate and entertaining as it is informative and visually sweeping. Curious readers of all ages--from would-be engineers to science and history buffs to retro-design lovers--will delight in this bold, one-of-a-kind guide to the (literal) bedrock of civilization, amplified by a bibliography in the back matter. 

Orders placed after Sunday, January 22nd are not guaranteed to be personalized and may just be a signature only depending on availability. 

Please note - there is NO GIFT WRAPPING available for any school orders.

Friday, January 20, 2023 - 8:00am
Event address: 
School Visit
Private Event

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