School Visits with Benson Shum

Benson Shum School Visits on Thu. 9/21 and Fri. 9/22 for Anzu the Great Kaiju, Anzu the Great Listener, Cindy and Panda, and First Night of Howlergarten.

Private Event - Non-school books can be ordered from Benson Shum's author page here.

Author-illustrator Benson Shum will be visiting schools with Once Upon A Time. If you would like a book signed and personalized, please order by Monday, September 18th. Books will be delivered to the school and are not available to be shipped. 

Online pre-orders have been stopped. LIMITED sales day of school visit.

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We hope you consider donating a signed copy of the featured book for your school or a local Title 1 school.

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About First Night of Howlergarten

First Night of Howlergarten book cover. A large pale yellow full moon takes up most of the cover resting above a hill where a small girl stands at the summit. She is showing her head back in a howl and you see her shadow cast on the moon shaped like a wolf. The title is in green on the hill.

First-day-of-school jitters take on a whole new meaning at howlergarten, where future werewolves prepare for their big transformation!

Most kids go to kindergarten, but there is a special place for those who turn into werewolves. Instead of attending school during the day, these supernatural students go to howlergarten at night! There they practice tracking scents, listening to whispers on the wind, and more. But when one student named Sophie doesn't seem to possess the basic skills, she worries she won't become a werewolf at all. What will happen if she remains human when the full moon appears? Will she still be accepted as part of the pack, or will she be cast aside as an ordinary outsider?

Orders placed after Monday, September 18th are not guaranteed to be personalized and may just be a signature only depending on availability. 

Please note - there is NO GIFT WRAPPING available for any school orders.

Thursday, September 21, 2023 - 8:00am to Friday, September 22, 2023 - 8:00am
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School Visits
Private Event
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 Please order by Monday, September 18th

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