Something Wild Story Time with Molly Ruttan

Something Wild Story Time with Molly Ruttan on Saturday, March 4th at 11 am at Once Upon A Time Bookstore. Best for ages 3+.

Expect something wild to happen!

Imagination can take you on an adventure with our Something Wild story time. Author-illustrator Molly Ruttan will read her book and do a little demo on a viola for kids before signing books. Best for ages 3+. 

Masks are required for attendance. 

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About Something Wild:

Something Wild book cover. A girl with short brown hair wearing a white button up blouse and black pants plays a violin. Around her are trees and flowers and a flowing stream. There are birds, a bunny, and a dolphin in the water. Above her is the title in a scripted font.

Performance jitters lead to some imaginative what ifs before a little girl finds her confidence.

Hannah loves to play her violin--as long as no one is watching. On the day of the recital, she's wishing something wild would happen so she won't have to go. Perhaps a dolphin will jump out of the fountain and carry her away, or a giant rabbit will abscond with her violin. Hannah's big imagination dreams up all kinds of entertaining scenarios that could change the course of her day, but what actually happens is the most amazing of all! 

Children and grown-ups alike will relate to Hannah's stage fright and get a laugh out of all her wishful thinking. Most importantly, they will be right there beside her on recital day when something wild--and beautiful--happens.

About the author-illustrator:

Molly Ruttan author photo. An white woman with shoulder length hair smiling at the camera.

Molly Ruttan ( wrote and illustrated The Stray, and is the illustrator of Violet and the Crumbs: A Gluten-Free Adventure and I Am a Thief (both by Abigail Rayner). She grew up in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, earned a BFA in graphic design from the Cooper Union School of Art in New York, and established a career as a graphic designer and illustrator in Los Angeles. She is married to her childhood friend and music producer, Gabriel Moffat. In addition to illustrating, drawing, painting, and writing, and parenting three daughters, Molly works part-time as a freelance graphic designer. She played violin as a child, and now plays drums and sings in the eclectic-folk rock band New Garden; creates artwork for, records, and performs as a backup singer and percussionist in the progressive art rock band Phideaux (; and is a member of the Silverlake Conservatory of Music's adult choir Silverlake Singers. Her life is full of music, family, friends, and all kinds of pets. She delights in all forms of creativity and life. 

Photo credit: Provided by author


Saturday, March 4, 2023 - 11:00am
Event address: 
Once Upon A Time Bookstore
2207 Honolulu Ave.
Montrose, CA 91020
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