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Independent booksellers and publishers have made sure that every child is represented within the pages of this year's catalog. Delight in opening the window to the endless possibilities found in these stories.

ABC Group Best Books for Young Readers 2017 Holiday Catalog from Once Upon A Time Bookstore

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Wish Book Catalog

Get ready for the holidays with book recommendations from Southern California independent booksellers!

Cookbooks, non-fiction, art, mystery, children's and more!

Southern California Independent Booksellers Association Wish Book Holiday Catalog from Once Upon A Time Bookstore

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Staff Picks

For fantasy fans who want a more historical tale, or historical fiction buffs who want something a little more fantastical this genre-bending book is the perfect choice! It follows Lee Westfall, a young woman living in 19th century Georgia who has a secret: she is a gold diviner. When tragedy strikes her family, her only option for escape and opportunity seems to be joining a wagon trail west to strike it rich in California’s gold rush. But the journey is more harrowing than she can imagine… she must disguise herself as a boy and face all manner of tribulations on the trail. This book is incredibly engrossing… not only is the story suspenseful, but the characters and fantastical elements are portrayed in such an intimate way it feels almost like reading real history. - Linnea