Once Upon A Time Book Charm Earring and Bracelet Set

Once Upon A Time exclusive bracelet and earring sets feature two rossette chain earrings on French hooks with a silver-colored Once Upon A Time book charm. Bracelets are an adjustable 7.5 inches of barrel weave anonized aluminum chain with a silver-toned heart charm and clasp (zinc alloy and nickel free).

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Sara Alcott
Price: $35.00

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Illegal is a poignantly moving story with a rich cast of characters, deeply relevant storylines, and rich with the deepest human kindness and endurance. Not without touches of levity and joy, but emotionally impactful where its important, we follow a young boy on his search for his brother, trying desperately to keep his family together when it seems the world is set on tearing him and his siblings apart in the search for a better life. Heartbreaking and hopeful, this story about the journey of an illegal immigrant hits fast and hard, with severe social importance at this time in our world. - reviewed by Isabel