Once Upon A Time Book Charm Earring and Bracelet Set

Once Upon A Time exclusive bracelet and earring sets feature two rossette chain earrings on French hooks with a silver-colored Once Upon A Time book charm. Bracelets are an adjustable 7.5 inches of barrel weave anonized aluminum chain with a silver-toned heart charm and clasp (zinc alloy and nickel free).

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Sara Alcott
Price: $35.00

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This is my desert island book. It is the most perfect high-fantasy book I’ve ever read, with everything I could ever want: dragons, diverse characters that you absolutely fall in love with, fantastic settings and kingdoms, dragons, great plot that leaves you riveted, the sights and smells and sounds of the worlds you're in, dragons, love stories that leave you aching, epic battle scenes..... And did I mention dragons??

This is a book that I literally still think about daily. And nearly every day I’m tempted to pluck it off my shelf again and slip right back into that beloved world again.

Do not fear the large page-count-- I am a slow reader, but it did not take me long to read this huge tome! Every page is a pleasure to read and the journey sweeps you off your feet.

(Adult Fantasy) - reviewed by Isabel