Emily Arrow Storytime Singalong Vol. 2

Volume 2 is availble for new and long-time Emily Arrow fans! Emily Arrow has created her own musical genre---Kidlit tunes. Emily’s whimsical and charming singalong tunes are adored by kids, parents and teachers alike. Great for ages 0-10! She is the winner of the 2015 John Lennon Songwriting Competition for her children's music, Emily’s journey started in the classroom as an elementary music teacher. She now performs at schools, libraries, and bookstores all over the country. Emily plays guitar, uke, piano, and kazoo. More information about the talented Emily Arrow can be found on her website www.EmilyArrow.com.

Songs include:

  1. Anything Can Be A Song
  2. Explorers of the Wild Song
  3. Hannah and Sugar Song
  4. Be A Friend Song
  5. Nana in the City Song
  6. We Are Enough
  7. No, No, Gnome Song
  8. I Love You Already Song
  9. Don't Hide Your Magic
  10. Two Hands to Love You


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The books that inspired the songs on this album are listed below. 

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Honest, down to earth, and powerful in its simplicity. This stunning letter/poem/note to self is something everyone needs to read. Easy to pick up, quick to finish, and sure to make an impression. I read it and immediately wished I had 50 copies so I could hand it out to everyone I know, plus keep one for myself. - Jessica