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Heartbreaking, uplifting, and relatable, Bree addresses mental health in her new book

Zia Erases the World is about magic, mental health, and the power of speaking our truth. Bree has created a special free offering for schools and classrooms around the country. 

This is a book about depression, yes. Zia calls it her "Shadoom," the room of shadows in her chest. But I wrote this story for anyone who is struggling with something that feels impossible to name. And though I started writing it in 2016, it feels timely now in a way I never could have imagined. My heart hurts for kids today. I was in sixth grade when I faced my first major depression, and that was hard enough without a global pandemic and all the attendant anxiety and isolation. Covid has obviously exacerbated the ballooning mental health crisis for so many young people, and I know it's not just students: teachers and librarians are suffering, too, as schools scramble to figure out how to offer safety and support.  

-Bree Barton

Email to request a school visit from Bree

Bree is offering FREE virtual author visits in April and May to any school or classroom that is interested. These virtual visits will be 45-50 minutes long, and can take one of two formats: 1) a simple reading + discussion, followed by a Q&A, or 2) a reading + a mini writing workshop, where kids will be able to write about their own "Shadoom." In all of her visits, Bree makes it a priority to let students talk about their own experiences, either through sharing their writing or just chatting, which paves the path to a frank, poignant conversation. 

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About Bree Barton:

Bree Barton author photo by Christopher DeWan

Bree Barton lives in mythical Ithaca with her partner and two waggish dogs. She wrote her first book as “a humble child of ten”—her exact words in the query letter she sent to editors. Those editors told her to keep writing, and luckily, she did. Bree was eleven when her journey with the Shadoom began, and stories offered a special kind of balm. A handful of years later, she is the author of several young adult novels published in seven countries and four languages. Bree teaches dance and writing and loves connecting with readers of all ages. Zia Erases the World is her middle grade debut. 


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There's no better way to make a serious topic accessible than with a spoonful of magic to help the medicine go down! As much as this book does not shy away from difficult topics, it's much more layered than just a "serious issues book"; its magic and humor make this as much an adventure as a discourse on mental health.

Released 4/26/22

"A stunning middle grade debut full of delightful humor, inventive wordplay, and provocative questions,Zia Erases the Worldreminds us that it's only when we name our fears that we can truly own them."—Katherine Applegate, Newbery Award winning author

“A heartfelt and honest exploration of depression. Bree Barton handles sensitive subjects with such care and compassion, and this story reaches out to readers to say, ‘I see you. You are not alone.’”—Tae Keller, Newbery Award winning author of When You Trap a Tiger

"A magical, inventive, optimistic story that never shies away from what it really feels like to be human."—Rebecca Stead, Newbery Award winning author

“A future classic. Zia'sstory will take you by the heartstrings and never let you go.”—Marie Miranda Cruz, author of Everlasting Nora

"Barton’s sparkling prose creates a striking and intimate look at middle school, family life, and the things we have to work to unwind about ourselves. A beautiful book written with equal parts compassion and spunk.”—Corey Ann Haydu, author of Edgar-Award-nominated Eventown