Wishlist and Gift Registry Help


What is a wish list/gift registry?

A wish list is a feature on our website that can be used in many different ways. You can use a personal wish lists to keep track of books to read, or as a list to share with family and friends near and far. New parents/grand-parents can register their baby gift registries with us as well. Teachers, librarians and PTAs can use the lists for donation book drives, classroom/school libraries, and book fairs.

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Who can create a wish list?

Anyone can create a wish list on our site! Just select the “Add to Wish list” button and you will be prompted to either log into an existing account (if you are not logged in already) or create a new account. Only logged in users may create and manage wish lists.

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How do I create a wish list?

Creating a wish list is easy with three simple steps to start. 

  1. Log in as a user or create a new account
  2. Search for a book on our website
  3. Click the “Add to Wish list” button

This will start the process of creating a list for you. A message will pop up asking you to title your new wish list or to add to an existing wish list on your account. Repeat this step as needed for each book title. 

There are advanced settings that can be adjusted for each wish list such as if you want it Private or Public, an expiration date, and shipping options. All of these can be adjusted by clicking the “My Account” tab and then “Wish List” on your user’s page.

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Can I have help creating a wish list?

If you are having technical difficulties or would like Once Upon A Time to set up a wish list on your behalf please email Jessica for assistance at Jessica@onceupona.com or call at (818) 248-9668 during our normal business hours and ask for Jessica. 

If you would like ideas for your wish list such as book list suggestions you may also create a list by coming into the store and picking the books you need from our shelves and talking to us about what books you want to read. 

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How do I fulfill a book on a wish list?

Search for and find a wish list on our website or check the email that was sent to you from the wish list creator - there is a link at the bottom of the email. 

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Advanced wish list settings:

Users can access their wish list through the ‘My Account’ link and then select ‘Wish List’ 

  1. Title - Title for the wish list. You can modify the default title created by the system. This title can be used by other site visitors to search for this wish list
  2. Your Name - Your name as you would like to appear if you email your list to others. This ‘name’ can be used by site visitors to search for this wish list 
  3. Event or Expiration - The date on which this wish list will expire. For instance, if this wish list is for a wedding registry, you may want to make the expiration date the day of the wedding. Expired wish lists will not be listed when searching for wish lists.
  4. Hide Expiration - If selected, the expiration date will not be visible to viewers
  5. Private - Private wish lists will not be listed when someone searches for wish lists on a site but can be emailed to friends and family. 
  6. Don’t Require Shipping - If selected, orders that contain items from a particular wish list will not require shipping information during checkout. Can be used for book donation drives, school book fairs, etc.
  7. Notes - Creators can include a description of the wish list, which will be displayed on top of the wish list.

When making any setting changes, make sure to select the ‘Save Settings’ button.

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Wish List Management

  1. Modify - Customers can also update their wish list by adjusting the ‘Wanted’ quantity or removing items completely. Make sure to select the ‘Update wish list’ button after making any changes.
  2. Download - Wish lists are available for download as a spreadsheet by selecting the ‘Download wish list as CSV’ button.
  3. Email - Customers can email their wish list to up to 10 recipients at a time:
  • Recipient's e-mail address - Enter up to 10 email addresses, separated by commas.
  • Subject of e-mail - Your email subject line (we recommend making this something your recipients will recognize)
  • Custom Message - This is the body of your email, a link to your wishlist will automatically be included at the bottom.
  • Make sure to select the ‘E-mail Wish list’ button. A confirmation message will display once the e-mail has been sent.

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Wish list owners (the customer who created the wish list) and Once Upon A Time can bulk upload items to their wish list.

  1. Navigate to ‘My Account’ and select the ‘Wish list’ tab
  2. Scroll down to and expand ‘Bulk Upload’
  3. Follow the provided instructions to paste your list of ISBNs/SKUs
  4. Save

NOTE: You can edit, add, delete or rearrange the entries in this form. Saving an empty form will remove all the items from the wish list.

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My question is not listed here

If you have any other questions regarding the wish list feature, please contact Jessica@onceupona.com or call the store at (818) 248-9668 and ask for Jessica. 

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